07th Jun2013

Photo Journal :: Northern Faces, +HRVRD, Eisley, Say Anything

by Ryan

Last night I had the awesome opportunity to see Eisley and company live at The Door in Dallas, TX. I shot some really great video, but the audio was way too hot so I scrapped it. Better luck next time.

Northern Faces

I liked these guys. They had a kind of Kings of Leon vibe. Need to investigate more.

Northern Faces 1 Northern Faces 2 Northern Faces 3


These guys were not really my style, but I appreciate the dude playing the trumpet. His parents’ middle school investment is paying off.



Of course, this is the reason that I went. They provided a solid set of mostly older songs with a few new tracks mixed in. Would have loved a longer set, but it’s not their tour, so it will have to suffice until next go ’round.

Eisley 1  Eisley 3 Eisley 2 Eisley 4 Eisley 5 Eisley 6 Eisley 7 Eisley 8 Eisley 9 Eisley 10 Eisley 11 Eisley 12 Eisley 13 Eisley 14 Eisley 15

Say Anything

I only know of these guys because of Eisley, but they owned this crowd. Maybe worth another listen.

Say Anything 1 Say Anything 2 Say Anything 3
Special thanks to the Eisley publicity team for making this possible.

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