01st Jul2014

Review :: Hillsong Worship: No Other Name

Originally posted at FaithVillage.com First thing out of the gate, as previously reported, the band formerly known as Hillsong Live is now Hillsong Worship. While I’ve been aware...

06th Jun2014

Film Review :: American Jesus

Originally posted at TruthOnCinema.com The history of Christianity in America has been my preferred research subject of the last few months (I’m a nerd, I know). So, when...

05th Jun2014

Film Review :: X-Men: Days of Future Past

Originally posted at TruthOnCinema.com I can’t review this film as a critic. To do so would only result in a bunch of pompous bubble-bursting. Rather, I have to...

27th May2014

Review :: Crowder: Neon Steeple

Originally posted at FaithVillage.com How many “favorite bands” have been cursed by their fans upon release of a new “experimental” album? With that in mind, the debut...

19th May2014

Film Review :: Ragamuffin

  Originally posted at TruthOnCinema.com A few admissions before we start: 1) I’m a sucker for musician biopics, whether the big screen style of Walk the Line or the made...

08th May2014
WAoR cover

Book :: Who’s Afraid of Relativism? by James K.A. Smith

Originally posted at FaithVillage.com “‘Relativism’ can mean many different things. We usually trot out the word as an epithet that is synonymous with anything-goes nihilism. But in...

25th Apr2014

Review :: NEEDTOBREATHE: Rivers in the Wasteland

Originally posted at FaithVillage.com Growing as an artist is a hard thing. To be true to yourself you have to keep making art from where you are...

11th Apr2014


Originally posted at FaithVillage.com FaithVillage contributor Ryan Brymer recently had the chance to interview Bo Rinehart of the band NEEDTOBREATHE. The band’s new record, Rivers in the Wasteland, is already generating plenty...

19th Mar2014

Review :: The Monks: We Are the Monks

There’s a group of singer/songwriters that exist just outside of the mainstream of Christian music — many of them with decade-plus-long tenures in the business. Artists like Bebo...

10th Mar2014

Film Review :: Particle Fever

Originally posted at TruthOnCinema.com My relationship with particle physics begins in my childhood when some family friends moved to a little town called Waxahachie, Texas. The city was...