23rd Oct2014

Thoughts on Fandom

I had a critical revelation the other night. I came to the understanding that I am, in fact, not a fan of an artist that I sincerely...

17th Oct2014

Editorial :: Twitter Challenge

Last night, my friend Vince issued the following challenge: Next @ryanbrymer assignment: Top 3 Rock bands of the 21st Century. Requirements: 1st album released 2000 or later,...

07th Oct2014

Music :: Bethan: Time Gone By

Release Date: Oct. 7, 2014 One of the best surprises last year came in the form of Dallas-based Bethan’s Christmas EP. I was excited to get my...

14th Aug2014

Interview :: Matthew Paul Turner

  I had the chance to interview prolific blogger and author Matthew Paul Turner on the topic of his new book Our Great Big American God (out...

14th Aug2014
Turner_GreatBigAmericanGod_HC  (1)

Book :: Our Great Big American God

Somehow I avoided Church History and still got out of seminary with a degree. This year, however, I’ve found a rising interest in the topic. When I...

05th Aug2014
steph head

Film :: Stephanie in the Water

It will probably come as a shock to you that I’m no expert on the sport of competitive surfing. So, when I was approached with the film Stephanie...

29th Jul2014
kidnapped head

Film :: Kidnapped for Christ

I had not heard of the documentary Kidnapped for Christ until several weeks ago when it crossed my path twice in one day. First, a post of the trailer...

01st Jul2014

Music :: Hillsong Worship: No Other Name

Originally posted at FaithVillage.com First thing out of the gate, as previously reported, the band formerly known as Hillsong Live is now Hillsong Worship. While I’ve been aware...

06th Jun2014

Film :: American Jesus

Originally posted at TruthOnCinema.com The history of Christianity in America has been my preferred research subject of the last few months (I’m a nerd, I know). So, when...

05th Jun2014

Film :: X-Men: Days of Future Past

Originally posted at TruthOnCinema.com I can’t review this film as a critic. To do so would only result in a bunch of pompous bubble-bursting. Rather, I have to...